Updated 06/13/2005

Here will be various routes I have done with maps traced and elevations profiles. A lot of the routes in the Bellevue/Issaquah area originate from Boeing Eastgate. The elevation profile contains total feet climbed at the bottom in red as well as divisions in .2 mile increments to break down the elevation change. The waypoints along the top are noted on the corresponding map. You will need something to read adobe acrobat .pdf files to read most of the elevation profiles. The maps are in .jpg format. 

164th/Cougar Mountain Way Climb Route 1 - Elevation Profile, Map

Eastside Challenge 1 (Cascade Ride on 4/2/2005) - Elevation Profile, Map

Zoo Hill Climb - Elevation Profile, Map. This is the climb up Cougar Mountain the hard way, turning off of Newport Way at Se 54th and riding to the intersection of Se 60th and Cougar Mountain Way. This profile does not include the turn up Cougar Mountain Way for the final ascent up to where the park/towers are. That will be forthcoming.  

Carbon River Ranger Station - Elevation Profile. This is a ride up from the outskirts of Wilkeson up to the pay gate at the Carbon River Ranger Station. For those with the old Bicycling the Backroads around Puget Sound series, this is the last part/climb (the last 13.70 miles up) of ride (#54)  at least in the third edition. It is not a steep climb. The steepest part of the climb is indeed right at the start as can be seen in the profile. 

Note: Elevation profile data courtesy of a Ciclosport HAC4 computer and thus the data is only as good as the computer. Maps courtesy of google maps. I try to at least get the starting altitude correct, but changes in barometric pressure are bound to result in slight inaccuracies but it should be close enough for the general idea. 


Last Updated 06/13/2005